Klearly Media Kit

Please refer to the information below when
referencing Klearly in external publications.

If you have any questions, or are in need of further materials, please contact the Klearly marketing team at alex@klearly.com.


Please use the following statement as written to describe Klearly in press releases, partner materials or other public facing materials.

Klearly Boilerplate

Klearly is the SaaS application for B2B revenue teams who desire the smarter path to growth. Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, Klearly uses data science and machine learning to help marketing, sales, and customer success teams understand how they’re contributing to the business and prioritize their work to most effectively grow revenue. Klearly identifies the ideal combinations of activities that will most significantly and positively impact the future. The result is a forward-thinking revenue function armed with the right data to be a more accountable contributor to business growth.

Klearly visual style guide PDF preview. Download load the guide to learn more.

Style Guide

This style guide document includes Klearly brand fonts, color codes and other visual design specifications. Please refer to this guide when creating new public-facing materials for Klearly.

Klearly Logo

Please use the full color dark or reverse version for all standard uses. The one-color white logo should be used over a bright gradient background or dark backgrounds when color is not an option. The one-color black logo should be used over light backgrounds only when color is not available. Color guidelines apply to use of the symbol as well.
Klearly full color on white background.
Klearly inverse logo on dark background.
Klearly white logo on gradient background.
Klearly black logo on white.

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