About Klearly

The Smarter Path to Growth

Our Mission and Vision

Klearly gives B2B marketers the power to drive growth.

We aim to inspire confidence in your marketing decisions by connecting near-term actions with long-term business goals.

Our Values

We embrace these values as a journey, rather than a destination. We recognize and act on these values as verbs, not nouns, and regularly reflect on our application of them in our work.


We inspire trust from others by consistently doing our best, committing, and following through. 


We aim to anticipate others' challenges, to listen with openness, and to lead with a desire to be helpful.


We seek opportunities to grow, often and especially from diverse perspectives, by asking lots of questions, and starting with ‘why.’


We experience fantastic joy in helping others be successful and in recognizing their successes.


Alex Krawchick

Alex Krawchick

CEO & Co-Founder

Alex Krawchick is the CEO and co-founder of Klearly. An experienced marketing leader, Alex sought to connect marketing to revenue outcomes, which led him to a Master’s degree in data science, and eventually to founding Klearly to help Marketing understand and prioritize their next best actions. Alex takes his role as Klearly's evangelist seriously and is driven to transform Marketing by fully-leveraging the untapped power of data When not devoting time to Klearly, Alex can be found coaching youth baseball or serving on the board of directors for three local schools.

Eric Pfahl

Eric Pfahl

CTO & Co-Founder

Eric Pfahl is the Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Klearly. Over the past 20 years, Eric has conducted research in astrophysics, provided in-depth analyses of defense programs, and led data science and software development efforts at several startups. At Klearly, he applies his diverse experience, rigor, and creativity to shaping Klearly’s cultural and technical foundations, with the aims of building a great place to work and an amazing product. Eric developed and advocates for Playground, a time set aside each Friday for all Klearly team members to openly pursue learning opportunities.

Matt Webbink

Matt Webbink

CPO & Co-Founder

Matt Webbink is the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Klearly. Matt has spent 20 years building decisions support systems for enterprise B2B marketing teams and joined Klearly to democratize that data-driven decision-making capability for marketing teams of any size. He wants to empower those marketers with the information they need to confidently, credibly, and knowingly contribute to business growth. Matt's imagination was sparked (and continues to be fueled) by Star Wars, Lego, and the arts.


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Klearly Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Funding

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